Pacheco PEAK Organization: Introduction and Welcome

Try to remember being the age our Pacheco children are now. Even if you loved school, you probably *lived* for an activity you pursued after the final bell rang. My own passions included gymnastics and 4-H; my sisters and friends loved scouting, dance, singing, piano, basketball, and more. These activities bolstered our confidence, refined our natural talents, provided valuable exposure to influential adults, and helped shape our careers, relationships, and even lives. At the very least, they gave us meaningful ways to spend our free time.

PEAK (Promoting Extracurricular Activities for Kids), a new Pacheco-based organization, aims to enable all Pacheco students to pursue their passion–whether for music, sports, dance, art, scouting, martial arts, drama, etc. A volunteer organization, PEAK uses all proceeds for tuition and operating expenses, and because it currently operates under the Pacheco PTA, all donations are tax deductible.

PEAK will succeed with the help–big or small–of people like you. We welcome any of the following:

  • Monetary donations to help pay tuition for extracurricular activities
  • Used or new equipment donations for scholarship recipients (e.g., cleats, musical instruments, art supplies, etc.)
  • Volunteers to pair with scholarship recipients to help them register for activities
  • Translators to help PEAK communicate effectively in English and Spanish
  • Individuals willing to serve on the PEAK governing board
  • People willing to help coordinate or perform small tasks

If you are interested in helping a little or a lot, please let us know, and if you know others who might also be interested, please forward this email to them. Our first meeting will be very soon, so we will email you as soon as a date has been set.

With best regards,

Susan Westwood & Louise Kraemer