About PEAK


PEAK’s (Promoting Extracurricular Activities for Kids) mission is to enable all Pacheco Elementary School students to participate in extracurricular activities. PEAK is a volunteer-run organization, and every dime raised pays for activity tuition, equipment/supplies, and operating expenses.

Because PEAK operates under the Pacheco PTA, all donations are tax deductible.

PEAK scholarships are designed to help Pacheco families in need—financial or otherwise. In an effort to serve the greatest number of students, PEAK scholarships do not exceed $200 per student annually. To learn more about PEAK, feel free to contact us.


Louise Kraemer
Susan Westwood


Angela Avila
Diana Brown
David Delkeskamp
Brian Deutsch
Jessica Estrada
Andrés Guardado
Daria Hernandez
Gustavo Jimenez
Elena Kraemer
Susie Lerner
Anna Lillian Mercado
Melanie Mills
Oswaldo Olmos
Susie Renard
Silvia Rodríguez
Meka Rudd
Milo Skapinski
Tony Skapinski
Stacey Stack
Ellie Villalobos
Cole Westwood
Jim Westwood
Joel Westwood
Lewis Westwood